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Aura Graphics is Europe’s largest supplier and implementer of corporate identity, advertising and promotional, and refurbishment vinyl graphic programmes for all modes of transportation including rail.

Using a wide range of print production technologies, Aura Graphics offers a full turnkey project management service from concept to fruition. Typical rail activities include: Corporate livery Advertising and promotional graphics Anti-graffiti applications Interior refurbishment Exterior refurbishment Vinyl corporate livery

Self-adhesive vinyl has been used extensively for corporate livery in the transportation markets for many years. In the rail market in particular, it is a cost-advantageous alternative to traditional paint for exterior refurbishment and laminates for interior refurbishment.

Both screen and digital printing can provide an exact colour match, enabling the end user to comfortably select vinyl rather than paint as a part or total coverage solution for vehicle bodysides.

A range of pigmented cast films suitable for such applications conform to the Group Standard requirements for BS467 – Surface Spread of Flame and BS6853 –Toxic Fume Emissions. Vinyl self-adhesive advertising and promotional film

Over the past ten years, Aura Graphics has developed the use of self-adhesive vinyl films for full and part train ‘wraps’. These are now a key element in a client’s marketing mix to present lucrative media space to internal and external advertisers.

Aura Graphics promotional films have a grey pigmented adhesive, giving them excellent hiding power, and can therefore be over-laid onto the existing livery without showing through. The adhesive construction means that the film can be removed, leaving little or no residue, without the need for harmful chemical strippers – just one reflection of Aura Graphics’ contribution to creating a cleaner environment. Vinyl full-train and part-train wraps

Self-adhesive vinyl offers many benefits over paint and other more traditional coating materials. Less down time is required; for example, four men can usually complete a graphics application to cover an intermediate car in one day. The car can return back to service immediately as no curing time is required.

Vinyl is also far more cost-effective than paint. It can cost up to £6,000 to move a train to and from a depot for an exterior repaint, whereas Aura Graphics’ trained applicators can apply graphics in a depot quickly and simply, saving the end user money and keeping downtime to a minimum.

Applying self-adhesive vinyl requires no ventilation/extraction systems, eliminating additional expense, as no hazardous chemicals are required for application. This also means that, during exterior refurbishment, other activities can be undertaken inside the vehicle as there are no hazardous fumes.

The vinyl is warranted for six years, thereby covering the period between C6 examinations, eliminating paint refurbishments and ensuring the rolling stock is always in operation.

Specialist paint facilities are not required for refurbishment since any necessary superficial, remedial and prep work is within the scope of depot staff and/or SSDM’s application personnel. Anti-graffiti films

Graffiti is a growing problem in the railway industry. In order to help combat the spread of graffiti, Aura Graphics provides a polyester anti-graffiti film that can be laminated to vinyl film to protect it from vandals.

A special cleaner can be used on the anti-graffiti vinyl to aid the removal of the graffiti from the railway carriage. During exterior refurbishment and graffiti removal, other activities can be undertaken inside the vehicle as there are no hazardous fumes from the graffiti cleaner.

The production and application of the vinyl is more cost-effective than paint.

Protective window films ensure expensive original glass have a long life. Laminates for train interiors

Deco Flex laminate, an exclusive Aura Graphics product, is an under-surface printed laminate that is highly durable. It has an abrasive-resistant surface that can be screen-printed. Deco Flex can be applied to the walls, bulk ends, table tops and vestibules of the railway car.

3M Di-Noc laminates comprise 21 different product families, creating a total of close to 500 available patterns. Each family comprises a wide range of colours, shades, surface textures and finishes that are capable of satisfying even the most complex interior refurbishment programme. Di-Noc laminates are covered by a five year warranty for external applications and up to 12 years for interior applications. Exterior refurbishment

Aura Graphics offers a comprehensive refurbishment programme to support the surface preparation of train exteriors by supplying turnkey project management solutions that can be tailor-made to suit a budget. A detailed schedule outlining all standard and optional treatments/services is produced for each specific programme.

Typical additional options include: Cab sealing Surface preparation Graffiti protection 24-hour quick response team dedicated to graffiti removal In-house applications team 30 in-house specialist applicators 3M and Avery-approved and trained Worldwide implementation PTS trained

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